Beat that: A 1-yr old Indian kid has her own blog!

I know dads who are happy if their baby says an intelligible word when she is 1, some are happy if she can take a few steps that resemble a trot and yet others are happy if they recognize old faces... But this dad has to be extra proud - cos his daughter has her own Blog!. No she aint called a baby Scoble - but "Jaagruthi"  and she talks, converses and talks about a surprise visit of her uncle at her own blog.

Ok - so it aint really written by her - but it is her blog. Thanx to hyper-expressive Dad - Jagadish, who is from my hometown and I went to college with in NTU-Singapore. Enough said - Jagadish hasnt changed one bit :) Good for him!

But this blog made me think about some questions. I know parents taking a million pictures about their babies through their growing years and sharing it with friends.... but a blog-share is something else. At what point will the daughter take over her own blog? would she even? What if she turns out to be a very shy, bashful girl who is not comfortable sharing her life in the open??? At what point would her life be hers - and what if she wants to retract her own life-content of the web!?!

Ofcourse When I ask these qns - I ask the qn myself. I am an open, vocal, expressive, in your face person. But then if my dad has written a blog about me when I grew up - what would my reaction be? Would that affect my growing years? How would it? More importantly - would I even think he was invading my privacy ??

All that said - Jaagruthi's blog is fun, warm and totally cool. Give it a visit.