"BrightFeet" to walk into rooms in the dark!

 The last time I saw shoes with lights on them - it was on my cousin's shoes when he was about 6... about a decade or more ago. He probably is going resent me more for making this information public :)

But Business 2.0 recently blogged this and BrightFeet is actually selling this in major retailers - JC Penny included!

I know my cousin's shoes had more flashy, red lights which went on whenever he walked - and that time he thought it was uber-cool. So I am a skeptic to this one. Who knows maybe this will catch-up and I will be eating my words.

But for $39.95 for slippers with LED, sensors (helps come on dark situations) and timer (to shut down after u reach your bed) on them - I am putting on my "to pass" for my holiday shopping list.