Change and Life in the twilight zone...

A refocus of projects, priorities, expertise and teams happens very often in the corporate world. Microsoft is no different and I realised it was my turn when my boss walked over and said "It's Time". Well it wasnt exacty as dramatic as that, she did give me 2 wks to think over and let me know it was an option she strongly recommended I take and after 2 wks of talking to all the ppl involved - she was right - It was time!

So during the refocusing of projects and ramping up, henceforth referred to as the "Twilight Zone" (pls refrain from reading this note with music from any TV shows you might be familar with, puhleeze) there is an immense state of reflection, introspection and anxiety. The Twilight Zone in terms of learning can look like a Capitol Hill or K2, depending on how different the project you are being pulled from and the project you are being pulled to are. Also affecting the height of learning are building relationships the new stakeholders in the picture, understanding their positions, their concerns, the background for the project, the technical/business details and ofcourse the financial goals. Continuing with the analogy - its not so much about the mountain/hill itself that should be daunting but its about the person trying to climb it, the tools in hand, the mindset to want to go and willingness/expectation to fall down, shake down the debris and press on. And more importantly knowing all the camping sites on the way to the top and taking some time to camp, take some pictures and sending some home with a whispered hurraah. Ofcourse it is not a sole mountain climber routine - its a pack of 10 who are pulling eachother up and down with their expertise being a strength or a weakness at any given stage and that is a critical state of mind to understand. Last but not the least is to know if there is an option to pull out your cellphone - dial your "911" person and ask for Help. [In realistic circumstances - pls ask "Can you hear me now" and hope that Verizon did build a tower high enough for you to be heard]

Shaded and hidden behind the whole analogy ofcourse is the need for preparation. And that is currently the state that I am in - refusing to go anywhere near the mountain before I go get a funky GPS equipment [Strategic Focus] and some walkie-talkies [Communication] not to mention good flares [Marketing] to help as and when required to reach the summit.

The journey to the top starts once official communications are shared. Till then it shall remain analogy-time.... back in the twilight zone.