Convert your Video to IPod content - Thank you Neuros MPEG 4 Recorder

 BoingBoing had a good post today about this gadget from Neuros that could take your existing DVD/Video/TV recording and transform it into IPOD Video content.

Cory Doctorow writes - It's seems ridiculous that you can record a TV show to play back on your TV, but you have to buy it again if you want to watch it on your iPod, phone or PSP. Why do you need to buy a DVD and an iPod version? Why can't you "home-tape" your media to something more convenient, the way you could with your old LPs?

This was one of the questions that I am sure Sassan Saedi who as I had blogged earlier just bought an IPOD Video - would ask me - since his book about Ipod will not cover it for sure! He has already taken to downloading podcasts and business books for his ride to work from home... My drive is about 7 mins or 15 with traffic so I am not even a customer for the business-book-while-you-drive market.

So there you go Sassan - a new christmas present that you can wish for this season to go with your new IPoD video!