FareCast.com: Da Shiznitz in AirFares websites

Now *This* is Coolness! Everyone whoz anyone knows that the chances that the person sitting next to you in an airplane is paying the same airfare as you is extremely low especially in the US airfare industry. There have been several interesting websites to this industry since the the dotcom boom - expedia, priceline, orbitz, hotwire to name a few but this new addition - farecast is da shitnitz.

So why is this so cool, apart from the simple yet cool macromedia enabled interface? It predicts when the price will rise and by how much and (hear this) with a confidence interval for that prediction - and ofcourse the TIP that says "Go Buy Now". 

P-Values for fare predictions - Why didnt I think of this?

Currently the site is for flights leaving Seattle and Boston only (suits me perfectly) - but you should give it a go. Why? Well if the reasons so far aint good enough for you, how about - "jus-coz!" Its at www.farecast.com