Google Compute: Holy Bandwidth-stealer Batman!

andrew4d recent wrote "Google is at it again .... Well... looks like a way to steal your bandwith eh?" when "Digging" Google-compute at

No I do not use the Google Toolbar - MSN Toolbar works just fine - thank you verymuch - but when I looked up the "written product description" I found the following text very curious.... "In the future Google Compute may allow you to also donate your computing time to other carefully selected worthwhile endeavors, including projects to improve Google and its services."

Am I the only one raising my eyebrows into my head for this one?

Especially interesting is the fact - that this announcement comes in the wake of the other announcement I saw a few days ago - about the Distributed computing experiment <SETI@Home> will be switched off on December 15 as it becomes part of the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC). That news article was from the Inquirer here.

The pic on this article has nothing to do with Google or the news - but it was part of the network - which makes fake-Google images "encouraged by Google".

If this was MiddleEarth - maybe I could have been caught screaming - "Sneaky little Hobbitses!". But then I aint no Gollum.