Honey I crashed The Cell!

Long weekend ... long travel and my cell phone crashes. and I dont even know what/who to blame.

I am a gadget-guy. (Well not as much as many ppl who work around in Microsoft maybe, but defnitely more than the average).

The Motorola MPX200 (which rolls out with Smartphone 2002) has been my cell for 2 yrs now and it has been wonderful, with syncs with outlook calendar and the notes. And then I decided to try the Magneto (smartphone 2005) Dogfood. Excellent. I had better signal, more functionality. Ofcourse I was told that MPX200 is not meant for the anything higher than the 2003 OS but there is a workaround with an add-od SDcard. Fancy me getting a 1GB SDcard to store some Mp3s while cashing in on a newer OS.

3 wks later, on July 1st The cellphone crashed and never woke up again. Apparently there was a fine line between cashing in and crashing in. Now I know!

The official Lvl 2 Support response:

The Mpx200 is outdated and has issues. It was never meant for anything more than the 2002/2003 OS. At the time of dogfooding, most people had Mpx200 Smartphnes. A workaround was devised to write memory to the SD card to allow for the phones to used for Magneto beta testing. Ever since there, there have been many issues with the SD cards. Phone do not boot at all, they get stuck on the trees, or get stuck on the white screen. Hard reset and reflash does not work (but it is worth the try). In some instances, the Mpx200 would not charge if the SD card was present. You take the card out, the phone charges.

Maybe I moved too quickly and was a victim of probability and the odds.

Bright side: Atleast i can be flashed back to Smartphone 2002 OS and have my phone back with some basic functionality.