If you thought Celine Dion or MJ were bad. Think again.

I have no idea from which era this video was taken - but given the success of Celine dion and Jacko in the news for all the reasons only he can make happen (I am being nice since he was found Not Guilty) it does make your stomach turn to look at video like this

Its amazing what one does when they have to move up the success ladder and then remember to forget it the next instant. This video made me laugh, raise an eyebrow, feel wierd and sorry at the same time. And let me tell u - thats one mixed bad of emotions that almost impossible to replicate with one single video. So for that single achievement - Celine Dion! U go Gal.....

I thank Nimbupani (which in hindi means Citric Acid. No ppl I aint calling her a sourpuss. ) to bring this to my notice through an informal MSN 7.0 conversation.



Whoooz Bad?