Intel changes logo - and responds to a "Ur new logo sux" Email

Sure everyone has heard of the Intel Logo change by now. Ofcourse Computer Associates also did the same late last yr moving to CA instead. But this story that I read in BoingBoing was quite funny.

The story goes that a Blogger wrote to Intel: 

Subject: Contact Intel, New Logo
About: Question, YOUR NEW LOGO SUCKS. Ugh. What a waste of money.

And gets an auto-response back which starts with the sentence - "Thank you for contacting Intel. We sincerely appreciate your taking time to provide your comments and feedback. " and ends with .... "Again, thank you for your interest in Intel. " Full email is found here

Supposedly this new logo is signalling balance between heritage and evolution to platforms and supposedly aligns with how people buy their technology today-in a complex marketplace with many devices.

I dont know about you - but I looked at this logo long and hard.... Heritage nor evolution came up to me immediately.... What abt you?