Live Face Recognition Software says I created PulpFiction

Oh this is sooo cheesy - and fun.... A Bob Keller recommendation ofcourse - this facerecoginition software takes in one of your fotos and then compares it to it database of 2400 celebrities and tells you who you resemble and how close.

I tried mine and it said Quentin Tarantino - resemblance of 61%! Another foto upload and the answer changed to Rajiv Gandhi with a 52%.

Bob says he tried a few fotos to be sure and the software said he resembles Pierce Brosnan... Ofcourse there is no proof to this. So I took out an old Eric Sabetti foto from the intranet (the man is still on his 5 week diaper-changing paternal vacation) and uploaded that - and Lo - Eric Sabetti is said to resemble Avi Nimni the Israeli Soccer midfielder 46% and about 42% with defiant Grammy Nominee Avril Lavigne...

The interesting part of the software is that you can create your own family databases and see heritage resemblances.