LOWIV: Laws of Working in Vacation.

For a team of 60+ to have barely 10 offices inhabited means: its that week between Xmas and New Year when everyone is out partying while I am heads-down on my powerpoint deck. (I know this aint exactly powerpoint right here - but then - I will jus ignore that line of thought. ) So here we are 10 of us at office knowing we are doing a lot of good work in quick time. Why? Three Laws of the Working in Vacation(LOWIV) prevails of course.

LOWIV #1: Thou Shall work without an urging need to check email every 10 mins.

LOWIV #2: Thou Shall work uninterrupted from Instant Messages for Job Requests.

LOWIV #3: Thou Shall work without fear of being randomized.

Without meetings, barely any email floating around, close to Zero intra-office Instant messages and all the customers/partners/vendors on vacation - Good work is done in quick time... 2 words - Productive Use! And I am not even kidding almost everyone who is in office right now would agree.

Notice how blogging has not even made it to the top 3 list of LOWIV. Oh well!