MGB 2005: A 14 hr meeting and Lovin it???

I am not a morning person, everyone who knows me knows that. And like normal people I cant be consistently alert past 3 back to back meetings for a max of 3-4 hrs at most.

But yesterday - the MGB meeting lasted 14 hrs in Atlanta!!! As geeky as it might sound - not only did I find myself sitting through it all at GeorgeiaDome, but actually came back feeling rejuvenated. Right from the opening by the Band called Bond.... to the different products to be released by Microsoft this yr (oh my gawd they are sooo cooool), to the earnings statement, and having the 200m Superstar Michael Johnson (My absolute favourite athlete) come on stage to talk abt how the best have to motivate themselves.... to the final super energy Steve Balmer talk, which was very uh-well... Steve Balmer.... It was awesome.

Ofcourse 14 hrs of meeting on my bday might not be what I would have planned normally - but hey - having Bill Gates talk to you live, and SteveB, Michael Johnson, live bands.... and free food?

I will take that :)

I just cant beleive the energy SteveB has. Its so infectious, overwhelming and absolute joy.