Microsoft MonteCarlo Nite this Monday - for WWESS!

After a hyper-successful ping pong tournament last month for Halloween - guess what it's in store this monday? Its the MonteCarlo Nite. Oh what fun!

The Initial Idea (No I do not smoke anything) was to have the following: (Yes we do talk in bulletpoints here)

* Hardeep Walia and his Directs' mugshots on fake-money: designed by my graphic-designer roommate

* Hardeep and his Directs to be running the Craps, Roullette and BlackJack tables - with their incentive to get as many ppl to "spend" on their games as possible

* Best-Dressed contest: Have a "Best Montecarlo" (Tuxedo-style) dressed man/woman/couple and a "Best Las Vegas" (Pimped-Up style) dressed man/woman/couple competition where the table-owners can give their table earnings to these "contestants"

* Competition for the Hardeep-Directs:  The more money given out by the GM and his directs - the more fun the table - and the more the table gets in terms of "customers"!!

* Build Team: Have the entire team have fun with their bosses taking care of their gambling needs at the gambling tables for the nite

* Poker Tournament: Have a Poker Tournament run by our own Poker-King Scott Armstrong for our competitive folks...

This initial idea has been cut-short to jus the Poker Tournament and the Tables run by the local-professionals (read: vendors) - but it should still be fun.

More reports on that this Monday. If you want to join this team of fun and work.... Mail me ;)