Microsoft Services Recruiting Pilot Blog: The snow ball effect has started:)

Today - had a quick call with our recruiter - Kristin Rozier and she's awesome. She was totally on board with having a blog to talk more about our group and how unique and great this group is - especially in terms of diversity and character of the teams!! She was indeed quick to add that she did not have the bandwidth to do any of the blogging herself so she supported the pilot to run itself on my blog before any plans/talks of migration started to sprout.

Nevertheless some of her teammembers might soon be brainstorming over content they want to share with the potential recruits out there. Tomorrow I am meeting with the Legal group for their blessing before we can really go on with this.

So we are a week or two in wait - before the Microsoft WorldWide Enterprise Services recruiting team will start blogging and start posting their work in here!!