Microsoft Worldwide Enterprise Services Recruiting Team **might** start blogging here!

Remember my meeting with Heather last week? Well the big news is this: I am now part of the Recruiting Committee at Microsoft WorldWide Enterprise Support & Services(WWESS). And one my first initiatives in my role in that committee is to pilot a blog for recruiting industry talent to WWESS.

The team pretty much gave me the reins on coming up with the direction for it - something I will be grappling with for the next week or two to crystallize the objectives, action items, communication plan etc. (watch out for that in the next wk). Ofcourse all this is assuming the blessing is received from the Legal dept, the Recruiting Staff and last but not the least - Hardeep - our GM.

Since the Enterprise Services Group is quite different from the Product Groups at MS - in terms of culture, deliverables etc - this blog is directed at supplementing and building on the tips, stories, insights that have already been given by Heather and Gretchen .

And lastly - since we are starting this as a pilot as of now - I will be using a folder on my blog for the WWESS blogging. Depending on the results of the pilot we might plan on migrating the content to a more permanent blog.

So hang in there for more info on this :)