One Mail lost during My MIgration weekend.

Apart from the downtime and long hrs at work spent at work migrating across to Vista and back from XP there was one casualty this weekend. I lost one email during all the "pst chunking"

A West Coast blog reader of mine (actually she was Heather's but came to my site from hers) who had a similar experience to mine in terms of interviewing with Microsoft (Yes *that* horror story).

It was a long 4 page email which did warrant a response - but my bad - I lost it in my migration. Now if the person (She wanted to be anonymous, I remember) would come up and try resending the email (allow me to introduce the sent-folder feature from Outlook :) ). then i promise a prompt and very direct reply :)

It was bad enough to lose an email, I just didnt want to compound that error by not admitting to it and giving the chance for the person to touchbase back.