Poker Tournament - for the entire team of 69!

Early this week Microsoft Enterprise Services had our Monte Carlo Night where the Social Committee (this time led by Scott Armstrong along with Jessica Zulfiqar) organized the Poker Tournament for our team here at MS. 

Oh by the way - What is He-Man doing on a post about a Poker tournament? Well Scott chose He-Man instead of his mugshot to appear on this post. "Why He-Man, Scott," I asked.... "Well it is in line with my second-name isnt it?", he said. Can't argue with a communications Manager now can I? [What is Teela doing with He-Man? Well He-Man is Sara Hyatt's Roomie remember?]

Anyways the following is Scott "He-Man" Armstrong's submission for this blog about the Poker tournament.

After a long and grueling battle during last night’s Monte Carlo festivities, a winner was finally crowned as the Poker Champion of WWESS for 2005!  Before the results though, let’s recap the table winners who made the final.

Table One – Our first table featured some crazy action, especially from Bob “maniac” Keller, who jumped out to an early lead.  David Jones (Our Marketing Manager) made a nice late run after a big 4-of-a-kind hand, to secure his spot in the finals.  And Eve Psalti (A Marketing Manager and The Queen Bee who runs our Recruiting Committee!) showed instincts not seen from many beginners, as being a poker rookie didn’t stop her from making the final table.

Table Two – This table was more crafty and conservative – outside of Harco “the Dutch Dynamo” Enting (Our Marketing Director), who pounded the table with relentless betting while building a big stack of chips.  Ken Durham (Our Business Manager) and Eric Sabetti (Our Workshops Program Manager) parlayed their poker experience into a final table experience as well, avoiding Harco’s salvos which took down the rest of the table.

Table Three – A game changing moment influenced the fate of this table.  Glenn Pereira was looking strong, but had to leave early and sacrificed his chips mid-hand – resulting in a monster win by Kate Hughes (Group Program Manager).  And while Omaha is the poker game of choice in the UK, Todd Latham (CPE Marketing Manager) showed his Texas Hold ‘Em poker moxie in making the final table.  Finally, the last finalist was determined.  An unknown to the table, Brian Bergholm (Marketing Manager) was a late entry due to the fact that Monday was his first day with his new team!  This wild card would factor heavily in the final results.

Final table – With the final table set, the action got underway.  Eric and Eve were the first victims, eliminated by Bob as he jumped out to an early lead.  We then had another double elimination, as Harco and Todd were sent packing on the same hand.  David Jones, who along with Ken Durham helped put the Texas in Texas Hold ‘Em at our final table, was then knocked out in 5th place.

Down to four, Kate Hughes finished her strong showing by finishing in 4th.  That brought us to three.  Bob’s strategy of trying to hide how many chips he had didn’t work in the end, as he put all of his chips in the middle on a bluff, and was called down by Brian who made only a lowly single pair.  But that pair was good enough to knock out Bob in 3rd place, and get it down to heads up play against Ken Durham!

Even with Hardeep Walia rooting on his business manager, Ken couldn’t overcome the big stack of chips that Brian held, and when he was eliminated Brian Bergholm became the 2005 WWESS Poker Champion!