Ray Ozzie - our CTO tries to blog again. Is 3rd time the charm?

Just days after RickDe confirmed his new found commitment to continuing blogging - Ray Ozzie have confimed his new blog site - thanx to this article at Infoworld.

My initial reaction was a little different what I had when I read RickDe's blog or even HardeepW's blog - this was a little more "blogging material" than a well-scrubbed communication document. In other words - more contemproary. Which is great!! But as Ray himself notes - his previous 2 blogging attempts lasted only 3 months and 1 yr - and with a sporadical a post a month average - thats lesser communication than a normal newsletter.

But hey - full points for persistence. Only now with a more complex life than when he was at Groove - it would be a true achievement to be a consistent blogger!