Seattle Business School Alliance - Sunset cruise 2006 was a success.

Last Friday the Annual Sunset cruise in Seattle had its 2006 version kick off at Pier 55 even grander than last yr! The Seattle Business School Alliance which organizes this every year gets about 320+ MBAs from the region to congregate on a cruise for about 2 hrs with 4 rounds worth of Wine and beer on tap. Ofcourse we had more sponsors than last yr and recruiters in the area are beginning to notice the value such a niche networking event as this can bring!

What was especially a number that I am particularly proud of was that this year Tepper featured #2 on the list with about 21 ppl attending (guests being excluded) second only to Michigan which had a outnumbering 34 on its roster, Harvard came in #3. It was a great evening, meeting old friends and making new connections.

All in all some excellent work done by the organizers to put this up and ofcourse it was always great to get away from the heatwave on a mini cruise.

Peter Johnson (Microsoft), Mudit Garg (Amazon), David Bolotin (Weyerhaeuser), Yue Jing Lee (Premera Blue Cross), Robert Sappington (Weyerhaeuser), Sade Fashokun (Microsoft), Monica Robinson, Pradeep U.N. (Microsoft), John Robinson (Vulcan), William Grdanski (Weyerhaeuser), Matt Hill (Boeing), Lisa Hill, Ozgur Dogan, Michael Kuentz  (Microsoft), Jim Tarr  (Microsoft), Yuhang An  (Expedia), Abhishek Jain  (, Raju Gupta  (