Seattle to Atlanta in 24 hrs. Thank you American West.

MGB (Microsoft Global Briefing) 2005 is happening this week at Atlanta in Georgia Dome. Ofcourse all I know about Georgiadome is that its where MichaelVick of the Atlanta Falcons does his prodigous runs.

Today was one of those days where - all that can go wrong - DID!

1) I never check my bag. But I did this time.

2) They typically give luggage tags and stick it on ur boarding pass. They dint this time.

3) The flight typically begins to roll not more than 30-45 mins late. Not this time. It was 3 hrs late to start (Thanx to some mechanical trouble).


- The connection flights at Phoenix - Atlanta was missed.

- I was forced to go to Las Vegas at midnite when by 7pm i was scheduled to have been in Atlanta.

- My bags never came to Las Vegas (I am writing this from the McCurran airport at Vegas). In fact my bags dont even have tags on them. And therefore they dont know where its at! (hope it was jus a scare and not true)

- For the first time ever - I dint have my emergency change of clothes in my carry-on and Would be paying for it.

- I am supposed to reach Atlanta at 9AM tomorrow when i started from Seattle at a similar time the previous day....

- With 4 more days of conference .... and no bags ... things are going to be very interesting .... and dirty ... Hehe.

First time I ever flew america west (corporate prefered).... Hopefully thats my last time too.

American Express Corporate when I called to tell them abt my predicament replied with nothing more than a "Sorry sir - your card doesnt help you with your situation. YEs Sir - we understand - sorry sir, we cant help you. Thank you for choosing American Express Corporate cards" .... DUH!