Vista and my Laptop - Where Love and Hate Collide.

Chalk this one on my list of Stupid things to do.

Given that Office 2003 on XP was running as fast Daffy Duck on a marathon - what was I thinking when I decided to upgrade to Office 12 on Vista at that. The pointed Fingers are aimed at a certain Felipe Oyanadel who had a pretty elaborate methodology to install that on a similar machine (his) which was the same except for a few cycles of Ghz more on his CPU. I am such a sucker for sucess stories, cool interfaces and superfast graphics that I Spent my weekend at work trying to "upgrade".

Quickly learning my mistake I went back to a fresh XP installation and tried Office 12 on it - much better performance - but outlook is chewing up my 2GB Pst files like it was a mouldy toothed ogre chewing on raw steak. All this aside - the interface was cool and I cant wait to get a new machine to upgrade to this next release. Its supercool yes. My machine is just not ready for it yet. Bummer.

Lesson Learnt: When older software is slow on current hardware, do not move to newer software on same hardware. And you'd think thats a no-duh axiom. No wonder its on my list of Stupid things to do.