Was "Numa Numa" The better viralmarketed video than "Lazy Sunday"?

Business 2.0 talked about Lazy Sunday - the SNL Video that I linked to last week  and New York Times was quoted as saying that since launch in a week- the video has already had 1.2 million downloads! Phenomenal when you think thats all driven by Word of mouth marketing!

Despite these wonderful stats - I still think 19 yr old Gary Brolsma's Numa-Numa was a much much better viral-marketed phenomenon. And more fun too! (Dont get me wrong - I think Lazy Sunday is Crazy-Delicious... but Numa-Numa is Wicked Awesome :) )

Here are my reasons:

Background: "Numa-Numa" the frenzy Romanian Dance track by O-Zone titled - Dragostea Din Tei was a huge hit.

Gary Brolsma - with his now famous Numa-Numa dance takes my vote for the Cool-Geek Kid of 2005. Video here. If you havent seen this yet over this year - then you are soo out of loop! Later on they had a special translated version of this - here

There were several renditions of the Brolsma-rendition of this song later and my favourite was this one from Malaysia here. Even Chicken Little had his own rendition of the song here. And there is this funny Flash-version of Gary Brolsma singing this at American Idol!

Gary's rendition was so famous by viral marketing that New York Times picked on it early this year in their story : "Internet Fame is a cruel mistress for a Numa-Numa Dancer". Ofcourse that was an extreme turn around for fame for a late-teenager than our SNL comedians for "Lazy Sunday". But I still think given all things considered - NumaNuma was a better viral-marketed video than "Lazy Sunday"!