Which is tougher: Precision Questioning or answering?

Vervago's PQA - Precision Questioning and Answering training is an artful application of science to get to the root of complex issues through simple questioning - where the rule is to respond to the unambiguous thoughtful question in a word, number or worst case - 1 sentence. This was one of the really cool training sessions I attended in Feb.

Ambiguous questions or "umbrella" questions require paragraph answers which offer no solution or action items. Precision questioning helps get to the root of all that.

Takeaways from this were:

a) All execs at MS are PQ-trained or atleast talk that way in a deep-dive/review.

b) PQ-ing is absolutely required to breakdown complex problems that are multifaceted.

c) PQ requires a lot of practise and can be intimidating.

d) Cultural issues can ruin PQ. where a one qn one answer style is just downright rude!

Ofcourse one of the major issues with this is the inability of most ppl to follow precision answering and not going beyond the one word, one number (or related) and atmost one answering style of Precision answering that drives a successful PQA discussion.

Reason? PQA is about solving the problem without personal attachments. It is that simple. Highly recommend the training to anyone who has a chance to take it.