XBOX 360 - BlingBling Edition hits the streets

Jeff Reep my fellow Program Manager who now fills the role of our unofficial team-sharepoint developer is a major XBOX360 Gamer and is pitching to the Social committee at WWESS to have weekly XBOX360 Gaming-Socials. His kids are not old enough to fit with him over the controls yet - neither are they army-trained like him to beat him to the controllers. So this update I Saw on the web is dedicated to Jeff.

The guys at Llama's Adventures have come up with the new Mod of the XBox360 within 7 days of release with a fan, drive upgrade and a lot of pimp-up Bling-Bling.

The tutorials for all of their mods are in their Xbox 360 Mods area and as for this specific Bling Model - you can read more about its here.

Oh yeah - Mods are not recommended and done on your own risk.... and do read the support manual before you "mod" anything! This post is more for fun - than anything at all!