Xbox in a Car.... Nissan+Microsoft's Concept Car.

Happy New Year to all readers...

To all of you who thought I spent the holidays partying - well it was spent in bed in foursomes with Mssrs. Tylenol, Benadryl and Robatussin. And no having sinuses during holidays suck! What's worse? Is getting close to normal health by the time its day to work (Today!) So I did finally catch on some video gaming action since everyone was out with friends and families - and Boy do the games look real these days!

Well reading the Seattle Times today which had an article about the Nissan Urge concept car proves that the game designers are taking it to the next level having this car actually help you play "Project Gotham Racing 3" while being in the cockpit of a Nissan Urge... ofcourse while the car is parked only. The wheel and the pedals work just like it was an actual car - which is quite scary. Because playing "Grand Theft Auto 3" over the New Year (while sniffling) for several hrs and then driving my car to the groceries itself was scary - since I almost had instincts to drive along the double-yellow, through trees and pathways and hit a few cars through the light etc etc (which are all cool in GrandTheftAuto. But making a gaming experience so close to reality as the Nissan Urge will do (with some good software from Microsoft) can definitely merge reality and perceptions. Anyways this was a real cool find today.

So - That's all find and dandy but I still cant figure out - is the whole SkyBlue-Meets-Canary Yellow-Meets-Seattle-Grey color scheme that they used on it. I mean I do realise it is just a concept - but seriously whose concept was this to merges these 3 colors in the interior of a car?? Seriously!