Experience a more “Beautiful Search Experience” in Internet Explorer 9 using Bing [Video]

Experience a more Beautiful Search Experience in Internet Explorer 9 using Bing [Video]

Bing team demoed some new possibilities from the combination of fully hardware accelerated HTML5 in IE9. Some of the things that were showed today include:

  • Animations that make search come alive, making Bing’s signature home page image an even more engaging experience.
  • Smooth and beautiful transitions. Transitions are seamless from query to search results and then back again, and gone are the jarring page flips of the past.
  • Previews of images, videos and text are bigger, bolder and easier to trigger
  • In addition to being able to pin Bing directly to your Windows 7 task bar, Bing Team have already pre-programmed an IE9 “Jump List” for the most important search tasks, from shopping and travel to maps, news and entertainment. Key features of Bing are just a single click away.
  • A smooth scrolling feature provides better utilization of screen real estate, keeping horizontal, right- and left-hand navigation and the search entry box all in place while you scroll through results
  • Transitions in “Quick Tabs”, horizontal navigation feature and “Visual Search”, our search and refinement feature which allows you to search using images instead of typing keywords, are both presented in a more powerful and application-like experience.