Microsoft Lebanon Reaches out For Local NGO’s for a better Community

Beirut, Lebanon. — March 18, 2010— Microsoft Lebanon in collaboration with YMCA launched a full-day Seminar Title “NGO Connection Day”, at the Holiday Inn Hotel Dunes. The purpose of the event is to educate the NGO Community on how IT can be leveraged to enhance the impact and effectiveness. The event was held in the presence of Microsoft Country Manager Ms. Leila Serhan, Mr. Joe Awad, YMCA Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Hassan Falha General Director of the Ministry of Information, Mr. Zayd Al Khiyami General Director of the Ministry of Youth & Sports, leading NGO’s, large corporation and media.



“NGO Connection Day” was a rich and interactive event highlighting Microsoft’s proactive and responsible approach towards the local community. The day started with keynote speeches by Mr. Joe Awad, Ms. Leila Serhan, Dr. Hassan Falha, Mr. Zayd Al Khiyami who stressed on the role both the Government and large corporations play in providing the tools and technologies to NGO’s in order to deliver output that leads to an improved local community. Following the speeches several presentations, training and discussions were held by leading Microsoft and NGO trainers as well as members of the Academic community who are experts in IT or civil society management. There was a wide variety of topics that the trainers touched upon including technology for socio-economic development, youth empowerment, child empowerment, children online safety and environmental related issues.

“The world of NGO’s is very important for a company like Microsoft and our company goals guide our responses to today's most pressing economic, social, and environmental issues.” explained Ms. Leila Serhan “we are here today to teach the people present with us IT can be implemented to maximize the impact of NGO’s be it through communications, organizing information, financial management, safety and security.”

“We must understand that NGO’s main purpose is to address matters that improve our local community on all levels be it economical, societal, environmental and the likes, government bodies, large corporations and even individuals for that matter must empower us” added Joe Awad “Technology has tremendous potential to empower local communities and we are here today to stress not only on the importance of having as part of our work, rather on the dangers of not having it.”