Ziad Khazzaka: My Success Story with AdDuplex

My Name is Ziad Khazzaka from Lebanon, I’m a .Net developer and here is my story with AdDuplex


In the beginning of my Windows Phone apps development, AdDuplex sent 20,000 impressions for free to help developers to promote there apps, so I decided to try my 20,000 impressions with Lebanon Today app. from the 2nd day the app start got ranked, got noticed and got users, I was surprised on how much Ad-Duplex is growing in WP7 Mobile apps network. Also, I got the same experience in my other apps!


On April 2012, my app MusicAmp Free was published in the Marketplace, I decided to push it with big advertising plan, I bought 250,000 impressions from AdDuplex. In Just 10 days, my app got ranked to the top 5 apps in Music category and 82 / 80,000 apps in the Market, that was a big push that wasn’t expected and the success start growing on each update.


I started earning 300$ /week from the paid version. And MusicAmp Free now passed 180,000 downloads!

MusicAmp Free is one of 10 Best Apps out of 100,000 in Windows Marketplace!



Now I have more than 8 apps using AdDuplex, as I know they has just reached 1,700 active apps on the network and they are the largest cross-promotion network on Windows Phone, I advise all new and beginner developers to integrate AdDuplex sdk with their apps for better start and rank.

Note: Advertise your app in other apps to increase downloads. Get ranked, get noticed and get users.

Windows 8!

On 27/08/2012 MusicAmp pass Windows 8 certificate and published to the store, it’s the first app using AdDuplex sdk in Windows 8! I got 250,000 impressions and 400$ in credits for Free! , the same for my new app MetroTiles for
Windows 8.

They have already gave all the 250k bonuses for Windows 8 apps away. But people can still get 0.9 exchange ratio (instead of standard 0.8) if they launch their apps before October 26th.


In just 1 line of codes you can integrate AdDuplex SDK!

<AdDuplex:AdControl x:Name="AdDuplexAdControl"    Height="80" Width="480"     AppId="YOUR_ADDUPLEX_APPID"     />

You can customize Ad display size in Windows 8! 


My Windows 8 apps:

MetroTiles :


MusicAmp :



Here is my WP7 apps:

Synth for WP7:


Galaxy S3 Wallpaper for WP7


ARS for WP7


MegaPixels for WP7


Moskito for WP7


Kamus Translator


MusicAmp Free for WP7


MusicAmp for WP7


MusicAmp English for WP7


MusicAmp Arabic for WP7


MusicAmp Hindi



Thanks to Ad-Duplex, they are part of my success story with Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps development.

I also would like to thank Microsoft Lebanon & Yalla Apps for their support on submitting my apps to WP Marketplace, especially to Mr. Ghassan Chahine, Mr. Pablo Arguello, and Miss Mann Kaur.