Back after a long time... with Microsoft Teams

Hi all,

Well I'm back after doing loads of work (honest) and fixing problems...

So there is a new product... called Microsoft Teams.  It sorta fits in with the SfB and Lync arena.

It allows people to gather in groups and talk... it sounds like any other system on offer right?  Well not quite... the functionality hooks up very nicely with the rest of your O365 package as well as your hybrid or solely onpremise systems.

That's what we do here, we hook up nicely with the other products you have.  You may have other products that do the same, BUT do they hook up nicely with the rest of your products?  If they do - great - if they don't, have a look at Teams.  I'll won't go on with the marketing blurb.  You can see from yourself here -  I'm not very good at the marketing stuff as you can tell.

Technically, its a whole new ball game.  Have a look here to see where the log files go and get stored in the desktop and web versions -  That blog is created by a colleague of mine, and it says it like it is.  "Just the facts ma'am".

But, we are adding more to the whole Microsoft Teams layer.  As well as having the standard client, there is also the option (where is it never the option with Microsoft) to have a dev API so you can create all your best apps (or try and hook into the Teams system from your homegrown ones).  You can use the Developer API - -  which allows you to code your own bits and bobs for the Teams app.  Or have a gander at this web page - it looks a bit "prettier".  Have a look.

So I will be putting up some trials and tribulations on how I got the API to work with other apps, and just see if I can make a bot, do random things.  Of course I don't have a business reason for doing it!  Its just for fun... and to see how the API is put together.

Speak soon!