Back in the New Year with all sorts of Skype for Business things

Hello all, its been a long time since I last wrote here.

It's been a busy year...  With all the greatness going on, and at such a fast rate... by the time I figure out what is happening with a SfB client or server, a patch comes out.  That is frustrating... well at least for me.

How about Skype Meeting Broadcast? That's crazy.  Having up to 10 thousand attendees on a meeting service that is not hosted by any machine that you have to reboot... fix or even prepare.  That's good... although some people have been saying its hard to create a meeting for many people.  The only thing that I hear (mainly), about this, is the option of not being able to put in a full name in there.  So, instead of putting in the email or alias of the person, you can't put in their full name.


I can't see a big problem with this.  Copy and paste the email or alias, or use a distribution list to organise the attendees.  BUT this is not about me or my opinion.  There will be changes, and I think that this will be one.

You can optionally, do an anonymous meeting or just anyone on the company.

I do sound like a marketing guy, don't I...

So just a bit further in my marketing / commercial sales pitch.  We have PSTN conferencing and numbers available in most EMEA countries at the moment.  Have a look here for a list.

This has caused a load of goodness and a load of problems.  Especially people with Surface Hubs, which are very very large SfB devices.  They are fantastic... people are hooking them up to the SfB online PSTN dialling service.

The only issue they have, is that when a meeting is "stopped" from the Surface Hub, the call doesn't end.  Those who are attached to the conference can still talk and share.  Which for some customers, is not a good thing.  Good news though, listed on the "testing" part of the "arrived and to come" SfB website, is the news that it will be available very soon to have a "service" telephone number (that fact is appropriate at the date of publishing of this blog!).

There are a myriad of other items which I should be publishing very soon.

We definitely have had a pick up of customers who have moved into the SfB arena because they have bought the O365 subscription.  We welcome them with open arms!

I'll probably do my next article on Hybrid configurations AND perhaps the infamous CCE!