"Gotcha" when sequencing Adobe CS6 (Malformed XML when importing)

I came across a "gotcha" while sequencing the Adobe CS6 suite.

Once the app was sequenced and was attempting to import the package into the Management console, I kept getting a malformed XML error message. Long story short, the in the <SCRIPTBODY> section of the OSD file where the AdobeSerialization.exe file is executed to activate the product when launched has double dash marks (--) in the syntax. So what I ended up having to do was remove one of the dashes in each section (see below in purple) and import the application into the Management console. Once the app is imported, you'll need to go back into the OSD file and add the 2nd dash back to both sections. Once you do this, the apps should be able to launch and activate successfully.

This would need be performed on each OSD file in the Adobe CS6 suite.


                <CLIENTVERSION VERSION=""/>
<SCRIPTBODY>Q:\ADOBECS6\CS6ACTIVATOR\AdobeSerialization.exe adobe_prtk --tool=VolumeSerialize -- provfile=Q:\ADOBECS6\CS6ACTIVATOR\prov.xml