And I won!!!

Yes!... I was actually the winner of the contest to guess how many CRM Online trials we would get in November.  I'm sure someone from our marketing team will publish the actual numbers but I can definitively tell you that we got a terrific response, thank you!  As promised, lets talk a bit a bout CRM 5!

I was watching the PDC09 videos for XRM to confirm the features that we have already talked about publicly so that I could expand a bit more without disclosing confidential information and unfortunatelly the feature that I wanted to talk about wasn't there :/... Nevertheless another feature (perhaps the biggest investment in our platform) had its very own session at PDC so I feel confident sharing a bit more information about it :)

xRM solutions: 

To make things a bit more interesting I'll give you time to watch the session first and I'll then post a couple of extra bits of information that I'm sure you will be excited to know.