Business Application Platform

I could swear that I had blogged about this before but alas I didn’t which I find unpardonableJ. Being at the core “platform” team on the Dynamics CRM product I’m really excited to see that the market is finally picking up what we truly are… a business application platform. Yes we do have the cherry on our cake called CRM that is focused on the typical sales, service, marketing processes that most organizations have, but the real power comes with our platform; no two businesses are alike and our product recognizes that from the ground up.

It is not news that our partners (check out this white paper from Ascentium, very cool) talk about our platform capabilities, what is very interesting is how little by little our execs are spreading the XRM word out (SteveB keynote, search for XRM).

The planets are aligning and the thunder is starting to feel inside and outside of Redmond… things are getting VERY interesting and Dynamics CRM is at the bleeding edge J