CRM 4.0: Silverlight Demo Update

Well, with CRM 4.0 out the door and a couple of days off I had a chance to update my old CRM-Silverlight demo. Although I did add a small animation the basic functionality remains the same. The bulk of the work was to update the code to make it run with CRM 4.0; pretty straight forward to be honest:

· Created the desired entities in 4.0; I didn’t have a ton of things on them so I decided to recreate them instead of going for a server upgrade.

· Updated the URLs to point to the 2007 endpoint; I specifically wanted to update the sample to work with the new endpoint.

· Updated some internal functions as well as the fetchXml that I used to retrieve entities from JavaScript.

· Added some lines of code to handle 4.0 authentication (e.g. like adding the orgname)

· Restructured the place where I stored the web app; it is now hosted under the /ISV folder which is where add-on apps are supposed to live.


I think I spent more time making the readme a bit more readable than actually updating the sampleJ. I asked a couple of colleagues to follow the instructions and verify this sample from scratch and it works. True, I could have done a nice installer but I strongly believe that, for learning purposes, is a lot better to get into the details of how things actually work; by meddling with the files a little bit you will get a sense of how the interaction between CRM and Silverlight takes place.

The updated sample can be downloaded