CRM MVPs rock!

At Microsoft, professionals (non-Microsoft employees) that make a significant impact within a given product community are awarded with the Most Valuable Professional title (as well as other goodies).

CRM has one of the best, if not the best, MVP communities of all Microsoft. Just a couple of days back, the product team (of which I'm part of) had the pleasure to host ~20 MVPs right on the product team building (Redmond) as part of the MVP summit. It was a great experience; having such great people on the very same office space that the people building the software created an ideal collaboration atmosphere.

Personally it was great to assist to a couple of the sessions, spontaneously meet MVPs on the corridors, having them hear our ideas, watch our storyboards for our next CRM version, and more importantly, get their feedback… these guys are absolutely awesome.

My only regret? Not having enough time to spend with those folks; one day off at home thanks to immunizations (immigration stuff) and another full of critical design meetings. Still, I had the chance to spend some great quality time. Also, thanks to Philip Richardson, we collected a vast amount of suggestions that we will definitively take into account for our next release.

This post would make an unpardonable omission if I don’t mention the person that made such a great experience possible, our community manager, Jim Glass. Thank you Jim for nurturing our MVP community, you rock!