CRM5 at the PDC

As part of the sessions that the CRM team held during PDC we publicly demonstrated very early bits of the next version of CRM (internal codename CRM5). In my session, Appealing Business Applications (about the last 20 minutes of the presentation), I had the chance to demonstrate several features that we are working on for developers and end users alike; also Andy and Nirav demonstrated a bit of the new platform capabilities of CRM5 on their session, Rapid Business Application Development with Dynamics CRM. It was great that we were actually able to demonstrate real working bits of the product (very early bits btw)… that will get a lot of conversations going and open up the doors to get useful feedback.

I bet people are wondering when early adoption programs will start or even when CRM5 will be released and I’m afraid that information will not be disclosed yet (and I probably won’t be the one disclosing it anyhow… well, who knows J).

Also, as I mentioned in a previous post Ben Riga did some interviews with members of the CRM5 product team (myself included) to talk about what we’ve done so far and a bit of future thinking. You can watch the overview here as well as a specific interview around CRM5 “solutions” and a bunch of other cool features (btw, the version shown on the interview was a couple of weeks before PDC so you will notice some differences when compared to the one shown there).

…and this is just the tip of the CRM5 iceberg J