CRM5 far

Some team members including me were thinking about doing a post that summarized some of the features that we presented during PDC and thanks to Simon I can now spend that time playing Halo :)  as he did a nice job in his post

Now, I gotta say that the post contains some innacuraties and plenty of "assumptions" around the work that we are doing for CRM5 but.. for the most part is a fair enough assesment.  

You may think, well, why don't you  (CRM team member) tell me more about CRM5 and clarify things?   The answer at this stage is simple, CMR5 is still in early development and as far as we shared during PDC is as far as we will publicly disclose. Does that mean that we are not taking your feedback into account?  Absolutely not, we are of course taking into account you feedback and there are several channels that we constantly monitor (public discussion forums, documentation feedback, connect, etc) and you can expect more programs (e.g. Technology Adoption Programs) to be unfolded little by little.

So tell me, from the features that you see in Simon's post and on the PDC presentations, what rings a bell for you?  what you don't like?  any thoughts?