IE Developer tools not showing up... just maximize them.

I've been building a demo for upcoming CRM5 presentations by putting together several extensibility features, things are coming together pretty nicely.  Couple of issues on the build did slowed me down  but should be fixed soon.  Anyhow, this post is about one of the other 'technical challenges' that I faced that could have been avoided if I just binged for the problem in the first place.  While debugging my JS code suddenly my IE developer toolbar stopped showing up. Since my machine has been a bit flakely lately I assumed that something was corrupt. But no, the problem was that the window was in a weird permanent minimized state, to get out of that problem all I had to do was to press alt + space bar and then select maximize.  This thread saved me a reinstallation :)

Want to know what exactly I was working on?  Patience, patience. Word on the hallways is that after WPC you will start hearing a lot more about CRM5.