Is the end is near? ... I don't think so

From the link above.. "But if social ads work and Zuck & Co. harness the power of friend-to-friend recommendation—you can bet that online advertising money will flow like the Nile into Facebook. Why would anyone continue to advertise on Yahoo?"

Why? Because is not all about being social; it seems that people forget that we, humans, are not very good at socializing in the first place... we like to have boundaries, fences, our little world in which we can interact without necessarily having a human counterpart on the other side…at least not one we know about. Classic example… buying stuff from Amazon… would it really make a difference if a friend recommends you something (e.g. via Facebook) when 20 users on Amazon’s site say that the product you are intending to buy sucks (which your facebook friend recommended) ? Would you trust a Facebook “wall” post over a recommendation on Yahoo finance to pick a given stock?

Also, think about this.. Where would most people spend more time; peering on Facebook or playing games online (e.g. Yahoo games)? I think the second options is the winner

I’m not saying that social networking is not powerful because it is… What I’m saying is that the foundations of media companies are safe for the time being… it is nice to watch a couple of you tube videos but would you rather watch the new “Heroes” chapter on NBC or a fat guy in his basement singing “La vida loca”….it just doesn’t work that way; people like the “professionals” to do their thing and we pay the big bucks to see the results (why did I read and gave credibility to the link above in the first place?.... “Fortune”)