JScript Debugging

I’ve been playing around with some CRM5* bits and I’m happy to see that all the enhancements that we planned in the developer side are converging nicely. Particularly yesterday I spent some time trying out our new client side API* but because some of the signatures are still in flux I was having a hard time wiring all things up. And then I remembered the developer tools built into IE8; after fumbling around a bit I was on my way to try the new APIs. I would probably have saved time if I just asked the PM in charge of the feature to tell me the new syntax but alas I always learn more the hard way he he.

In case you haven’t try the IE developer tools all you need to do (IE8) is to load any page and press F12, this will bring the developer tools. Switch to the Script view and click “start debugging”, after that exploring Jscript objects will be a breeze. My favorite feature is the “Console” window that allows me to try Jscript code on the fly; it can save you tons of time when developing Jscript, particularly if you are a code-try-code freak like me; can’t type more than a couple lines of code without trying things out. The following screenshot show the console window for a random page that I picked, the point is just to illustrate how easy jus can just type in JScript and it will get evaluated immediately after clicking “Run Script”.