New Zunes

You got to admit that these devices are so much better (than the previous version of course he he). I’m not a “device” guy, meaning that I don’t have any personal music player; I just hate to carry stuff around. Every time I look at my old brick cell phone I tell my wife “That is it, I’m getting a new phone.. one of those all in one”.. but there isn’t yet one that convinces me… the Iphone is close, pretty darn close.. if it would only work with exchange natively.

Anyway, back to the point, as I said, I’m not a music player guy but…but... I’m definitively getting a Zune 2.0.. a flash version, 8 GB probably. It looks cool, is light, nice capacity, excellent navigation, pretty good software, FM tuner (that is a BiiiiG plus for me).

Definitively a step on the right direction.. now we have to start running J