PDC: Appealing Business Applications

Alright, so I want to share a little bit the main topics that I will be covering in my PDC session. This is not the final agenda (so things may change radically) but it gives you a very good idea of all the good stuff that I’ll be talking about.

CRM4 with a demo that uses as the base one of the CRM accelerators that our product management is planning to release very soon. This portion may be a bit of a rehash for seasoned CRM experts but it will be a very good introduction for those new to our platform. We also have an amazingly appealing demo of CRM and other technologies such as WPF and Silverlight (honestly I haven’t seen any other CRM demo that looks so good).

CRM in the context of the overall MS cloud services initiative. This section will have a very nice demo that will show how a cloud application interacts with CRM.

CRM v.Next. Indeed, most of the second half of my session I’ll be talking and demonstrating actual bits of all the cool features that we have been doing for CRM5. Trust me; you are going to like it.

All of that in 75 minutes!!! Fiuf! Honestly I’m struggling to select exactly which portions to include in my session; there is just so much good stuff to demo that I can’t figure out what to cut J

Well, I hope I see many of you in LA!