Rolling at the PDC

Yeah Baby! I just finished my PDC session a couple of hours ago; it went pretty well overall and participants were really excited about all the things that we are doing for CRM4 (CRM accelerators), the possibilities that cloud services (Windows Azure, .Net Services etc.) bring to the table and, of course, all the new features of our next version (internally called CRM5).

If you are interested in watching the session you can do it so here: (BB08, Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Appealing Business Applications). We will also be posting a couple of videos on channel 9 where Ben Riga interviewed some CRM team members including several developers of the CRM "Platform" team; as soon as I have the link I'll update this post.

Overall, very cool stuff at PDC, participants seem to be having a great time and I’m certainly enjoying being here J

P.S. If you attended or watched the session and liked it please fill-in your evaluation and give us the maximum score. If you didn't like it please do not fill one :)... just kidding, we look forward to your feedback.