What I don’t like about Titan (CRM4)

If you are a competitor and are looking for terrible things a Microsoft Employee said against his own product, you will not find them here J

The thing that I don’t like about Titan is that we have a bunch of cool features that aren’t discoverable enough or not so easy to understand. Take for example, mail merge. Did you know that mail merge in CRM4 supports custom entities by default? You don’t have to turn on anything, just create an entity, go to its main grid and you will see the little word icon that will let you trigger mail merge; many partners are not aware of this feature.

Take another example, relationships. In my opinion, it is the most significant improvement in V4. Think about it, what customers typically want is to create a lookup from one entity to another...that is it! They shouldn’t have to care if they need to create a 1:N, N:N or N:N relationship, at least not with those terms. Still, the fact that you can create native N:N and multiple relationships between the same entity pair is huge.

To wrap up, I just want to point out another cool feature that you may not be aware of (if you, like me, skips documentation most of the timeJ). Did you know that you can have both, Forms Authentication AND Integrated Windows Authentication configured at the same time on the same CRM website? Check out the Implementation Guide and look for “Internet-Facing Deployment”.