old Schema designer and data grid editor

Two old designers in VS 2005 have been removed from Orcas product.  There are several reasons why they are removed:

1, there will be a brand new schema designer built into VS.  However, because of schedule issues, it is not in Orcas, but will be released off-cycle;

2, the two old designers depend on some old components of HTML designer.  In Orcas, the HTML designer is replaced, and those components are gone/replaced.  It becomes too costly to maintain them, especially when a new designer comes out soon.

3, the old schema designer also depend on a designer surface implemented in an old COM package, which is about to be removed.

Currently, there is no plan to build a new data grid editor, which view/edit an XML file in a data grid.  The old designer only targets data set files, and it is very limited.  It will be interesting to see whether people need it before spending time on it.