Use Microsoft Surface to buy a phone...

This coming Thursday, AT&T will unveil Microsoft Surface devices in some of their major stores, including in New York City.  If you happen to be in the metro area, stop by the AT&T store on Madison Avenue or Park Avenue.  Here's how you can expect AT&T to use Microsoft Surface:

Learn. Customers can review features of a particular mobile device by simply placing it on the display. Surface will recognize the device and provide a graphical overview of its capabilities. Customers will be able to place two devices side by side on the unit and easily compare their features.

Explore. Customers view interactive coverage maps at the national, state, local or street level, using simple touch and hand movement to scale and move the maps, determining their coverage area.

Customize. In the future, customers will be able to drag and drop ring tones, graphics, video and more by “grabbing” content with their hands from a menu on the display and “dropping” it into the phone.

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