BASTA! in Germany, VB CTP for Windows Phone, TechEd Africa, SoCal Code Camp

After a busy month of travel, I finally made my way back to Seattle. As promised, here are the materials from all the talks and events.

BASTA! in Mainz, Germany

BASTA! is a third party conference, led by Software & Support Media GmbH. Software & Support Media publishes magazines, hosts conferences, and manages websites with developer content for both Microsoft technologies and our competitors. BASTA! began in 1993. The conference name is a combination of “BASic” and “TAge”, where BASIC stands for the early Microsoft programming language, and “tage” is German for “days”. This was the 24th occurrence of BASTA!, which is a long run for a conference!

At the conference, I gave a keynote on Visual Studio 2010. You can find the PowerPoint deck and demo code here:

The keynote session video was recorded and will be posted to as well as the dot.NET Magazin CD. I’ll update this post with the link, once it is available. After the keynote, the conference organizers interviewed me about the VB Windows Phone announcement, Visual Studio 2010, and future directions. The interview is available here:


Visual Basic CTP for Windows Phone Developer Tools

In the BASTA! keynote, I announced the Visual Basic CTP for Windows Phone Developer Tools. This CTP is to be installed on top of the Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW, and allows VB developers to create applications for Windows Phone 7. It includes VB templates, as well as great support for editing, debugging and designing VB Windows Phone applications. Please find the following resources for more information:

Download the CTP here!

Windows Team Blog:

S. Somasegar’s Blog:

Jason Zander’s Blog:

VB Team Blog:

TechEd Africa 2010

TechEd South Africa is a great event, well organized and full of high quality content. I really enjoy meeting the attendees and presenting lots of talks there. At TechEd South Africa I gave 4 sessions including C# 4.0 Language Features, Visual Studio LightSwitch, Visual Studio 2010, and a repeat session. My presentation materials are all posted here:

(DTL313) A Lap Around Visual Studio 2010 for C# and Visual Basic Developers
Level: 300 - Advanced | Speaker(s): Lisa Feigenbaum | Session Type: Breakout Session | Audience: Developer, Developer Manager, Solutions Architect, Web Developer/Designer |
Abstract: Join us for a demo-packed Visual Studio 2010 session and leave with a fun application you can use to analyze trends on Twitter! While developing this application, we’ll see how you can code faster with new C# and Visual Basic language features and code focused tools. We’ll use new capabilities like the Parallel Extensions, WPF drag and drop data-binding, and DGML graphs. We’ll also optimize the development environment using new features like multi-monitor support, zoom, and Start Page customizations.

(DTL217) Visual Studio LightSwitch - Future of Business Application Development
Level: 200 - Intermediate | Speaker(s): Lisa Feigenbaum | Session Type: Lunchboxes | Audience: Developer, Developer Manager, Solutions Architect, |
Abstract: Visual Studio LightSwitch changes the game for building data-centric business applications. In this talk you will learn how to create compelling, modern line-of-business applications for Windows and the Web and how the tool elevates a level of abstraction so developers focus on the business problem rather than the underlying plumbing. We’ll cover retrieval of data from SQL Server and SharePoint, UI creation, validation, computed fields, business logic, integration with Office applications, deployment, configuration and more! We'll also cover how you can customize and extend the experience for your unique scenarios. If you're building business application developers the old fashioned way you can't miss this session!

(DTL320) C# 4.0 Language Features
Level: 300 - Advanced | Speaker(s): Lisa Feigenbaum | Session Type: Breakout Session | Audience: Developer, Developer Manager, Solutions Architect, Web Developer/Designer |
Abstract: This talk covers features introduced in C# 4.0, including a new type (dynamic), named and optional arguments, and embedded type information. While the heritage of C# is as a static language, many objects in the programming world are more dynamic, originating from COM, JavaScript, Python, or other sources. The 4.0 version of C# introduces features that enhance the experience of working with COM and dynamic objects to the point where it feels like you never left the static world.

TechEd South Africa 2010 Conference Website

SoCal Code Camp

A little over a week ago, I went down to LA for my high school reunion. I learned that the next SoCal Code Camp was taking place at the same time, so I signed up to present while I was there. Southern California has a very active Microsoft developer community, which always makes them a great group to go visit. This was my 4th time presenting in the area. The code camp was held as a free 2-day event on the University of Southern California (USC) campus, and was a great success. You can find my session materials from this event posted here: