Video: Visual Studio 2010 Tips and Tricks Presentation on LinkedIn (LIDNUG)

I’ve presented a couple of times to the LinkedIn .NET User Group (LIDNUG). You can find my latest presentation available on the Archives. Click here to download the recording. Excerpt is below.

Visual Studio 2010 Tips and Tricks by Lisa Feigenbaum

Join us for a demo-packed Visual Studio 2010 session and leave with a fun application you can use to analyze trends on Twitter! While developing this application, we’ll see how you can code faster with new C# language features and code focused tools. We’ll use new capabilities like the Parallel Extensions, WPF drag and drop data-binding, and DGML graphs. We’ll also optimize the development environment using new features like multi-monitor support, zoom, and Start Page customizations.

Lisa Feigenbaum

This hands-on session was delivered by Lisa Feigenbaum and she took us through some of the new features, whilst building an application (Twitter Analysis), of Visual Studio 2010.

It was great to see an awesome turnout for this technical session and Lisa delivered in style.

Definitely worth the download.

Click here to download the recording