Two New Web Casts Coming in August

Hi, all, we have two new Web casts coming in August targeted at FrontPage interoperability with Windows SharePoint Services sites.  If you're working with WSS sites, then you'll be interested these.  Please join us.

August 25, 1-2:30PM: MSDN Webcast: Accessing Data in the FrontPage 2003 Data Source Catalog

Incorporating live data into web pages typically requires writing custom code. FrontPage 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services make it easy to acquire data from a variety of sources without writing any code. Join us for this web cast to learn how to use FrontPage 2003 and the Data Source Catalog to connect to data sources including SharePoint Lists, XML files, databases and XML web services and then create dynamic views of these data sources that can be customized using the FrontPage design surface.

August 26th, 1-2:30PM: MSDN Webcast: The Power of the Data View Web Part

Displaying data from a variety of XML data sources in meaningful ways can be complicated and typically requires custom code. Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services have developed a technology that makes the process of displaying XML data as easy as drag and drop – with no coding experience necessary (although they allow complete custom coded solutions). Join us in this webcast to learn how to create an application that will display data in meaningful ways from a variety of data sources. We demonstrate using Conditional Formatting, Web Part Connections, and ad hoc sort/filter/and grouping to create dynamic data views for displaying customer information in one to many relationships with SQL, WSS Lists, Web Services and XML files. Finally, we will look at how the power of the Data View Web Part can be further extended using custom Web Parts to achieve amazing scenarios such as XML data charting.