Stand-Alone Network Emulation and CodePlex

In my post “Creating a Stand-Alone Network Emulator using VS2010 – Beta 1, I showed you how to create a stand alone network emulator using the network emulation functionality introduced in the Beta 1 release of VS2010.  Since then, the API for Network Emulation has gone through several changes and long story short, the API for Beta 1 will not work for RC or RTM.  To make things a bit easier, I have created a new “Stand-Alone” Network Emulator UI (NEUI) that will allow you to take advantage of the Network Emulation features in VS2010 without having to fire up VS2010 and start a unit or load test.  I have posted the source for this project on CodePlex for everyone to enjoy :).  For now, it is in the project “Web and Load Test Plugins for Visual Studio Team Test”, but my hope is that it will gain enough community support and involvement that it will warrant going through the process of creating and maintaining it as a separate project. 

Currently, the NEUI project is a simple UI that:

  • uses WPF
  • allows the user to select one Network Profile to emulate a specific network.
  • when minimized, displays in the system tray
  • when in the system tray, allows for the starting, stopping of network emulation and the selection of the network profile.

Please feel free to download and use the emulator.  Also, if you feel strongly enough, feel free to suggest or contribute new features. Tags: VSTS2010, Visual Studio 2010, Network Emulation, NEWT, Load Test, Unit Test, Testing, Team System